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You can promote your website, blog or any webpage on paisalive. fill out the below form to start promotion on paisalive.

  1. Banner Ads - In this method, we will put your banner on our home page(below registration form), Leaderboard Banner (728x90 banner on the top) on all the pages, 300x250 size banner on login and logged out page.
  2. Interstitial Page - In this method, we will put a large size banner or mailer (we recommend at least 600x800 size banner) on a page which is PaisaLive's interstitial page. After successful login each PaisaLive member lands on this page. As we have lacs of active members on PaisaLive there will be a great scope for CPC, CPS and CPL campaigns. This is a high impact method of promotion.
  3. Cash Emails - In this method, we will post your promotion on our cash email section. we will separate these cash email by tagging Featured Emails and Normal Emails. Our advertisers get thousands of clicks per day through this method and the results are impressive.
  4. PPC - In this method, we promote your offer through cash email, banners ads, interstitial page etc till the balance exhausted. We will charge for each click on client offer.

Advertisment Cost

  1. Banner Ads -
    • 728x90 - 2 days - Rs. 5000
    • 160x600 - 2 days - Rs. 4000
    • 300x250 - 2 days - Rs. 3500
  2. Interstitial - 2 Days (Rs. 4000)
  3. Cash Emails - 10 Days(Rs 4000)
  4. PPC - Rs 0.60 per click (Minimum payment Rs. 2100) . Volume discounts available
All the campaigns work on pre-payment mode. To start a campaign today, please fill the form below.

How long does it take to start your campaign?
If you are advertising with us for the first time, it can take upto 6 hours to design your business mailer and banners. If you are an existing client, since we will have your creatives ready, it just takes 1 hour to restart your campaign (usually much sooner than that).

If you have your mailer / banner / creatives ready with you, it will take lesser to start the campaign.

Please note that we process your order only when you payment is received.

We offer volume discount on over 1 lac clicks or more than 15 days of campaign activity.
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